“Ash has a wonderful ability with Hypnotherapy. He is unique in his approach and the sessions are personalized. Life changing stuff. Ash has a great love for people and honestly cares for all he encounters. Thank you Ash.”

-Catherine F.

“I can’t believe the difference after just one session. I thought for sure it would be really hard and take ages but the difference in my life is immediate. It’s significant enough that even my very ‘men are men and should drink concrete, don’t talk about their feelings’ boyfriend has admitted that maybe it could help him work through stuff too, which is amazing.”

-Amy G.

“Words are not befitting or enough to describe the healing strength that I have felt empower me through one session with Ash alone. I was in hospital feeling sorry for myself weak scared, no not scared, terrified in doubt of myself whilst awaiting open heart surgery. I felt alone and thought, ‘I’m useless’. To snap myself out of it I thought – impossible. I felt doomed to suffer. I cried a lot. In less than one hour of opening up myself to Ash’s gift of enlightenment I unlocked my inner strength that he showed me was always there. I used his guidance to light up every fibre of my being. I became powerful to lift the fear and anxiety into oblivion. I went from sulking to coping, from coping to wanting. I not only faced and overcame my fear, I embraced my fear for I was shown my fear was my own and my healing was with in my own power also. I discovered we choose to be these things we don’t like but we can condition to also set ourselves free of pain, fear, anxiety and unlock our own mind’s restraints and I felt a paradigm shift like no other and this was in one session! I wonder what I can achieve with more! I can’t wait for the next enlightenment moment of my mind and spirt. Thank you Ash for reigniting my strength. I fear no more.”

Arman K.

“I highly regard Ash. I have come to benefit from his methods by visiting for a “tune-up” every few years. I have a very enjoyable life with no issues to speak of. I do however tend to border with some unhealthy characteristics that I need to keep in check. I tend to be a workaholic, I have periods where I drink too much and don’t exercise at all. I tend to worry about not completing tasks that simply cannot be finished…… what is worse, I know that I do this to myself. Visiting Ash every now and then guides me to re-focus on being happy with my life and stop worrying about everything I haven’t done. Without even trying, my habits improve and my mood swiftly follows. I have recently seen Ash as I was drinking too regularly. I knew it was an easy fix as Ash has previously guided me to harness my own values and drive substantial change. During the session I mentioned a chronic injury I had been suffering for months. We spent a short time focussing on pain control during that session and the results have been outstanding. A week has passed and the pain has subsided dramatically, my mood has elevated and my energy levels are excellent.”

Nigel R.

“Incredibly kind and understanding, I found my sessions with Ash to be really positive and beneficial experiences. I would recommend him without a doubt to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives.”

-Lillian B.

“I highly recommend Ash and cannot express my gratitude enough for the positive impact he has made in shaping my life. We met by chance at a friend’s wedding, where a poem he had written and recited caught my ear and remained with me for weeks as I was going through a separation. The anxiety of a failed relationship weighed heavily on my ability to see clearly and make decisions. Ash kindly made time for me prior to a hurried flight I was embarking on, and that one short session enabled me to cut detrimental emotional ties in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

​I subsequently had a few more sessions which helped solidify my sense of self and clarity. It lead me on an adventure where the abilty to confidently discern emotional situations that was strengthened by Ash’s hypnotherapy became a recurring tool in my bag that I still carry to this day. I am grateful and happy that 2 years have passed since our meeting, and my life is better from having met Ash. He has shown me genuine care and compassion, and his authenticity to help give of his time and energy is a rare quality in this era.

Do yourself a favour and do a session with Ash. It’s an opportunity for growth and development, which is always a worthy endeavour to invest in.”

-Kevin M.

“Ash is a caring professional. Sessions with Ash bring transformation, true shift and relief. I cannot recommend Ash high enough.”

-Tania M.

“I am beyond grateful to have been recommended Ash’s service. As a 20 year old female student who has been at war with my relationship to eating and food for a while, it was no surprise that Covid-19 season had gotten the better of my mental health. So my introduction to Ash’s service this week has been incredibly grounding.

Over an online call session, Ash’s guidance has brought out a side of vulnerability within myself that I have never encountered until now. I’m already noticing a great shift in mental clarity after my first session. Saying this, I felt very safe and well looked after in an encouraging, judgement free setting. I can be quite cynical and defensive when it comes to people telling me what to do or ‘giving me advice’ (gen Z am I right?). But Ash genuinely listens and was exceptionally intuitive to my needs and ways of working. He is very kind and passionate about helping people. The work itself shows. I hope whoever is reading this decides to get the support that they deserve. I’m so glad that I did.”

-Jeanda S.

“I have always been a little sceptical about hypnotherapy and what it could actually do for me. After finding myself in a pretty dark place I decided that I would give it a go. Ash was professional, caring and made me feel completely at ease. The session I had with him was nothing short of incredible. Such an intense and beautiful experience – it lifted me out of darkness into the light…just what I needed at that point in time, I have since returned and will continue to use Ash as a process to enrich the path I am on. Highly recommend.”

-Tim H.

“It is not often that you can honestly say that a person has facilitated a process so impactful that it changes your life, however in my case, Ash Morse has. When I first enquired with Ash about trying hypnotherapy for quitting smoking, he didn’t just book me in, he took the time to talk to me & work out if this was the right thing for me. From the start I was impressed with his integrity. After working with Ash on the quitting journey (which has been successful) I found that our initial sessions had helped me process and unlock so many things that were holding me back from living my best life. I continued to see him and saw my life transform as he gently & effectively guided me through my own process of self-discovery & growth. A journey I continue with him as things evolve in my life.

​Ash is warm, authentic & creates a space where you feel incredibly safe with ease. I could not recommend him highly enough.”

-Rachel C.

“I had a positive hypnotherapy consultation with Ash, it was a very gentle process despite working on a difficult topic during our session. I remember feeling very calm afterwards and feeling a sense of resolution which speaks to Ash’s level of skill as a therapist. I highly recommend Ash as a hypnotherapist.”

-Erika B.

“I had never considered hypno coaching before seeing ash but I was very impressed with the results. Very friendly and professional and I would recommend him to anyone thinking about trying it.”

-Mel D.

“Ash is great at what he does! I used Ash to quit smoking a few years back and I remember smoking on the way to my appointment and after one session I had the right mindset to quit and didn’t touch a cigarette again after seeing him. He was patient, caring and very calm during our session. I had no experience of Hypno previous to using his service but was super impressed at the whole process. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone. Support a great person like Ash and book a session you will feel great afterwards, he even threw in some time around personal development for me and I still benefit from it today.”

-Nick. C

“I tried hypnotherapy with another therapist before I saw Ashley but it didn’t work for me. Ashley approached it with a very different method and explained everything clearly before we even started the session. He has helped me tremendously work through the loss of a family member and alleviate the trauma I had around it. I felt like a weight went off my shoulders. I could not thank him enough for the work he has done in only 2 sessions.”

-Audrey L.

“I’ve never experienced hypnotherapy before seeing Ash for a consultation, but what I got from my session was valuable and insightful to say the least. Ash is a consummate professional at what he does and, it was my understanding that, he handles his role and his clients mental health with care to engender growth and stability. Thank you Ash!”

-Malik G.

“Highly skilled therapist. Very knowledgeable and results focused. Felt great, even after my first session!”

-Sophia S.

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